Best CRM Software Options for 2016

By Samantha Cordell | September 21, 2016


If genie lamps were out of stock before you could place an order for one, the next best thing to manage and grow your small- and medium-sized business lies in CRM. Short for customer relationship management, a real difference is possible, with the right software of course.

With the numerous options out there, finding the most suitable one is like walking into a maze without a flashlight or GPS. We spared you the trouble and rounded up a selection of the best CRM software options for 2016.

Since every business differs in terms of size, there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to CRM. Thus, varying corporate sizes require unique CRM software that best addresses requirements. We’ll be taking a look at ideal CRM software options for the following categories: businesses in general, very small businesses and ones that are free.

CRM Small Businesses: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016

Dynamics CRM is a top-tier CRM solution with respect to overall functionality. It has options for either Cloud-based and On Premise deployment and delivers full-featured capabilities that cater to businesses of every size. Often, Dynamics CRM is associated with larger enterprises, but that simply means that small and medium-sized businesses can access the same perks! SMBs can start with as little as 5 users and gain access to the full suite of capabilities.

Dynamics CRM is a package tailor-made for SMBs. With it you can fully utilize all that the system has to offer and make your company to really thrive. Dynamics CRM is equipped with features such as lead generation, contact and opportunity management, sales forecasting, real-time dashboards, workflow automation as well as integration into the power of Microsoft’s Office 365 and Power BI suite – enabling both collaboration and deep insights into your business. Regardless of whether you choose Cloud-based or On Premise you can access data and files from anywhere at any time via mobile or remote desktop devices.

CRM for Very Small Businesses: Insightly

Underneath its simple facade lies CRM software with ample capabilities, all of which fit the bill for microbusinesses. Aside from the fact that it has the vital components small businesses really look for in CRM software, it’s also scalable to accommodate the growth of your company. Furthermore, Insightly is currently one of the more affordable CRM solutions on the market; there’s even a free version if you wish to test the waters.

With either the free version or paid plans, Insightly combines utility and affordability. It comes equipped with all the vital CRM capabilities a microbusiness needs. This includes detailed sales reports, opportunity management, contacts and project management. Being a cloud-based CRM software allows you to access data anywhere at any time via Internet-enabled devices.

Free CRM Software: Zoho CRM

Not having to pay for Zoho doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t deliver the necessary capabilities required from CRM software. Zoho CRM provides your business with all the core functions it needs. Moreover, it allows you to on-board up ten users for free. Courtesy of Zoho CRM’s mobile app, you’ll be able be access data regardless of time or location. Here are some of the other features that the free version of Zoho CRM has to offer:

  • 360-view – all the vital information for contacts, sale cycles and pipelines. Discover trends and identify opportunities.
  • Automation – spend less time dealing with mundane tasks by automating tasks such as lead generation, contact management, calendars and even call logs.
  • Collaboration – Zoho CRM doubles as a social media platform integrating with Twitter and Facebook to link contacts to their social media accounts. This allows you to see their updates as well as the interactions you’ve had on social media right from your dashboard.
  • Analytics – you can track sales as well as measure both business and employee performance via a range of reporting capabilities.

Unlike farms, the main component to a company’s growth isn’t fertilizer and sunshine. Instead, it’s competent CRM software that allows your business to reach its full potential. 

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