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Good News! The Australian economy is into its "26th year of continuous growth" according to Michael Blythe, Chief Economist for the Commonwealth Bank at the recent Hunter Economic Breakfast Series hosted by the Hunter Research Foundation. "The current expansion of the Australian economy keeps setting new records on Australian historical standards" he also stated.

Dr Anthea Bill, Senior Economist for the Hunter Research Foundation also backed this up and added that the "Hunter economy is also moving forward creating employment opportunities with the trend toward more part-time and under-employment, with other sources of growth including consumer activity, public and private investment"

Hunter Business & Digital Economy

Also launched at the Hunter Economic Breakfast Series was the research publication looking at the Hunter Business & Digital Economy including household trends of internet usage, devices used and online interaction; as well as trends in Businesses knowledge of Social Media; usage of smart phones; importance of speeds and connectivity and their online presence including optimisation for mobility...

Download the research paper for full details hunter-digital-economy-june-2016

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