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By Jodie Dale | April 4, 2017

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The effect that Ransomware can have on your organisation can be devastating.

Our two-part Ransomware Webinar Series hosted by Diamond Director Martin Thurgate will help you learn about the growing threat of Ransomware, along with techniques to help you minimise your network vulnerabilities.

Start with the overview of the growing threat of Ransomware including real examples and how to avoid them and then move on to risk management tactics that you can implement to prepare your organisation against potential Ransomware attacks...


Webinar 1 – The growing threat of Ransomware….

This 15-minute webinar discusses the growing threat of Ransomware, covers the latest variants such as ‘Crypto’, provides real examples of “phishing” and demonstrates how you can protect your organisations data and systems. What is challenging is that most new strains of Ransomware are very difficult to prevent because they prey on a person giving permission to activate the malware.

This webinar has a strong focus on how user education is the strongest defence for companies and provides real life examples of Ransomware variants. Grab a coffee and take a look below or visit our Ransomware page for real life examples and more webinar content details.


 Webinar 2 – Are you prepared?

At Diamond we also believe that preparing for and managing the consequences of data breaches is imperative, the second webinar in the Ransomware series focusses on Ransomware Risk Management and introduces our unique service Technology Optimisation (TechOps), highlighting one of our unique strengths - our proactive, consultative approach to technology.

So please take the time to watch our 15-minute Webinar below, that covers techniques that help minimise network vulnerabilities and avoid security breaches. Or for more details on this webinar content, please visit our dedicated Ransomware Risk Management page.



Diamond ICT Security Assessment

Being proactive when it comes to Ransomware is the main way to protect the business you have worked hard to build. Take our tailored Online Security Assessment to gauge how protected your business is today from potential online attacks...

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