A fresh take on Diamond’s values & mission…

By Jodie Dale | August 14, 2017

We recently refreshed our core values, as well as the Diamond mission statement, involving input from the whole Diamond team and had a couple of fun meetings unveiling them...

While our core values fundamentally have not changed, we enjoyed freshening them up a little and are proud to have them displayed around the office!

Our Values

Diamond values

Our Mission

Helping you Succeed - While we are passionate and enthusiastic about technology, it is our understanding of the importance of aligning technology with our customers business goals that sets us apart. We may not talk about our mission and values all day every day, but everything thing we do is about upholding the values and achieving our mission. Our business objectives, our work culture and our processes are all focused on reaching these goals.

Phil unveiling our world class value...

Phil presenting on World Class









The sales team checking out the Values set...

Looking at the Diamond values








Deep in discussion about the best solutions

Martin and Dean discussing solutions








Enjoying the Coffee and Pancakes

Diamond mission and values







World Class coffee and Dutch pancakes!

World Class coffee and dutch pancakes!







Rob presenting our brand guidelines..








Loving the new posters!

Loving the new posters!







We invite you to read more about our Mission and Values or if you have any questions or would like to be in touch, simply complete our online form below or call us today on 1300 307 907.

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Founded in 1996 by Managing Director Robert Buck, in Newcastle, Diamond IT is committed to providing world-class service to customers through a philosophy of continuous improvement, whilst working with leading business partners such as Microsoft, HP, Samsung Cisco & Telstra

Under the guidance of Robert and fellow Director Martin Thurgate, Diamond IT has built a reputation as a trusted Information and Communication Technology (ICT ) partner; keeping businesses running smoothly, reliably and productively; and providing a diverse range of offerings including managed services, computer networks, software development, telecommunications and consultancy.

Celebrating 20 years Diamond IT is one of Australia’s leading Managed Service Providers, with over 50 employees and offices in Newcastle and Sydney, servicing customers all over Australia.

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