Security, the key reason for Windows 10 migration

By Samantha Cordell | May 8, 2017

Cyber Security protectionWhy is Windows 10 migration so important?

One of the key reasons is Security... Security improvements is the leading driver for enterprises to migrate to Windows 10 on PCs, according to a study by Gartner.

The report found that 49 percent of respondents cited security improvements as the reason for deploying Windows 10 in their business. The second most-often-named reason was cloud integration capabilities, at 38 percent, and third was the ability to share universal Windows apps on PCs, phones and tablets, at 34 percent.

Best security features of Windows 10

"With deep protection at its core, Windows 10 is the most secure Windows ever, from virtualisation-based security to Windows Hello to Enterprise data protection" states security adviser Roger Grimes, InfoWorld. In summary, his top picks being:

  • Virtualisation-based security - VBS represents an architectural change that vastly reduces the attack surface area and attempts to eliminate the attack vectors themselves, making it very difficult for attackers to mess with core components of the operating system,
  • Secure booting - Windows Trusted Boot provides code integrity validation that protects all of the Windows boot functions from tampering and automatically remediates if tampering is detected,
  • Windows Hello - Window 10's attempt to get rid of passwords, supporting three methods of biometic authentication (facial, iris and fingerprint) in concert with a simple PIN,
  • Passport - an advanced single-sign-on solutions, that works much like a (virtual) smartcard, but without the need for a spate card or card reader,
  • Device Guard - a highly secure tool that determines which applications and scripts should be allowed to run on a particular computer.

Optimisation for Windows 10

Gartner principal researcher Meike Escherich said products optimised for Windows 10 also had an impact on purchasing decision for businesses.

"Respondents' device buying intentions have significantly increased as organisations saw third- and fourth-generation products optimised for Windows 10 with longer battery life, touchscreens and other Windows 10 features." she said.

"The intention to purchase convertible notebooks increased as organisations shifted from the testing and pilot phases into the buying and deployment phases."

Diamond Technology Optimisation - Security

At Diamond, we take Security seriously. So seriously that we  created the Technology Optimisation (TechOps) team. This team is designed to focus solely on aligning our customers ICT environment to industry best practice on an ongoing, proactive basis. We will not only evaluate your hardware and software, but the overall configuration of your environment as well.

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Source: CRN Australia April 2017; InfoWorld March 2016

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