Boost your eCommerce business with AI

By Hannah Taylor | March 13, 2020

ecommerceArtificial Intelligence (AI) is fast becoming a key 'enabler' for many businesses to improve their customer interaction.

Experts predict that AI will be involved in as much as 85% of all customer interactions with a business this year. Many eCommerce businesses today are already using AI to interact with and provide better service to their customers, and there's good reason why...


1. Predict what your customers want

AI has many uses in eCommerce, with a range of benefits for both business and the customers. Machine learning, a subset of AI, can be used to identify customer habits and their interests based on search histories (both inside and outside of a specific business’s site).

With the proper configuration, machine learning can be used to analyse shopping behaviors to customise and tailor the online shopping experience to specific users. Product recommendations, pairings, and promotions can then target individuals, improving the customer experience, and in turn, your bottom line.


2. Interactive sites direct customers to the products that match their needs

Machine learning is also great for cataloging products. In the past, businesses would send out dense and cumbersome product catalogs where customers could find — often with difficulty — the items they were looking for.

Today, consumers are able to upload photographs of a product that’s similar to what they want to purchase to pair with another. Through AI, a website is able to analyse the customers photographs and make suggestions based on data from the uploaded images.


3. Customers can still talk to a “representative”

More and more users are relying on eCommerce over face-to-face sales interactions, thanks to advances in “plain language” systems. Machine learning is getting better at interpreting conversations and answering with natural-sounding responses.

By replicating the in-person shopping experience, eCommerce businesses can shift away from the overheads of brick-and-mortar stores. This allows them to make significant savings in capital expenditures and human resources, all while reducing the opportunity for costly human error.


How can Diamond IT help?

Embracing AI doesn't necessarily mean you're re-inventing the wheel - Business Intelligence is often crafted from existing data sources and systems, and can be complementary to your existing software and business processes.

If you’re ready to integrate artificial or business intelligence into your business model, call us on 1300 307 907.

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