Happy International Programmers Day!

By Peter Lambert | September 10, 2018


On the 256th day of each year, we recognise the programmers of our world.

Programmers, also known as software developers, are one of the most crucial vocations of our future. Programmers are required to write the code to run our banking, our utilities, our entertainment and sometimes even our bodies.

Why 13th of September?

Computers work in a binary number world, and few numbers are as important to programmers as 28, (256 in decimal notation, or 100 in hexadecimal). The 13th of September is the 256th day of a non-leap year.

The day is officially recognised as a professional holiday in Russia, introduced in 2009.

28 is the largest exponent of 2 possible within the 365 days available in a calendar year, with the next exponent being 29 - 512 in decimal notation.

Programming the future

Software Developers are going to be one of the highest demand jobs of the future, with a massive increase expected with the introduction of emerging technologies - Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and Big Data.

The Australian Government's Job Outlook site states that over the past five years demand was in the highest category (Very Strong Demand) with future demand is the second highest category (Strong). With only currently 14.6% of Australian software developers being female, it's expected that a large proportion of women will need to enter the workforce to keep up with demand.

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