7 reasons to outsource your Backup for World Backup Day

By Samantha Cordell | March 28, 2019


Keeping your business running during and after a disaster or crisis requires careful planning and resources. A function as simple as deleting an important file can disrupt your business, costing you time and money.

Data loss scenarios range from trivial to complete data loss, but typical scenarios are these:

  • Accidental deletion of files or formatting a storage device
  • Damage or failure of storage devices (hard drives) or their host computers
  • Power failures
  • Malware (Viruses, Ransomware etc)
  • Disasters including theft, fire, flood and other significant data loss events

Seven advantages to outsourcing your backups

Outsourcing your data backup and restoration to an external Managed Services Provider (MSP) gives you several advantages. Here are seven of them to consider:

1. Take the emotion out with “best practice”

Any managers or IT technicians that have been through a disaster situation know how stressful it is. These pressures can lead to errors and rushed resolutions, which can put data further at risk. Having your planning and recovery handled by a Managed Service Provider takes the emotion out of the process and keeps the focus on using “best practice” for the best results.

2. Minimise your conflicting deadlines and tasks

During a crisis the management and IT teams will have many urgent tasks to attend to. Outsourcing the backup and restore processes frees up these key staff to get systems back to normal sooner.

3. Valuable experience in stressful times

IT managers may only encounter one or two crises in their career, while MSPs have assisted many customers with business continuity and disaster recovery. This exposure provides a range of valuable and varied experience that is unavailable to all but the unluckiest of IT managers.

4. Benefit from the latest technologies and methods

Managed Service Providers are constantly updating and adapting their systems to utilise the best tools and methods available on the market, a time and cost luxury that individual businesses cannot afford. MSPs use finely-tuned and scaleable systems designed to be customised to meet the needs of their clients.

In tandem with using the best software solutions on the market, MSPs constantly improve and evolve their procedures to match their experience against the threats that exist in the workplace.

5. What you wouldn't think of, is our everyday

When you are starting or reviewing your continuity and recovery plans, your Managed Service Provider is available to help you put together comprehensive plans. An experienced technology consultant can pick up on things you may have missed.

Many of the routine check items we run through as part of our service implementation or maintenance events are items you may have never considered as necessary, if you have considered them at all.

6. Vital data security through unattached backup solutions

Unattached backup solutions give you protection against risks such as Ransomware, fire and theft, or incidents where backups may be stolen or destroyed. Unattached backup solutions range from the elegance of cloud backup through to the simplicity of removable backup media such as RDX (removable disk technology) cartridges and drives.

Diamond IT has its own cloud backup solution, known as DCloud Backup.

7. Move your "CapEx" to "OpEx" for better cash flow and responsiveness

Where a capital investment in backup hardware, software and media can become obsolete before it’s due to be replaced, an outsourced backup and restore solution frees you from such concerns with a simple operational monthly expense.

Having your backups exceed the size of the available external storage media is not a concern when you're backing up to the cloud. If your data exceeds the capacity of your current media, you no longer need to replace your stock with a complete set of larger storage media. Your backup capacity grows with your data, without constraints.


About Diamond Cloud (DCloud) Backup

DCloud Backup stores your business information in an environmentally controlled and secure location, configured to your needs and available at all times, day and night. Having your backup stored online eliminates the need for tape or RDX cartridge rotation and the human errors and risks that come with these legacy systems.

Our DCloud Backup solutions are available as two separate products, DCloud Backup for Servers and DCloud Backup for Office 365.

Online backup for your servers – DCloud Backup for Servers

With DCloud Backup for Servers, customers don’t need to worry about excessive Internet transfers, as an original backup of your on-premise server will be transported to our data centre by our technicians using a large backup hard drive.

Once the base backup has been installed, from that point your backups only require periodic updates on what’s changed since the original backup, giving you the peace of mind of having both the most recent and archival data restoration options available to you.

DCloud Backup for Servers is also available for customers using Diamond's DCloud Compute service, giving you a fully-integrated solution of cloud-based compute and backup.

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Online backup for your Office 365 tenancy – DCloud Backup for Office 365

DCloud Backup for Office 365 provides data retention and access to older versions of files, an important feature missing Office 365. Additionally, deleted files are only retrievable for 30 days.

Unlimited backup and archive retention is available to you through our DCloud Backup for Office 365 product.

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Word Backup Day Pledge

World Backup Day is the 31st of March each year. Take the pledge today or any day! 

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