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By Samantha Cordell | June 18, 2019

1905_RB_on_DTB-1Diamond IT's managing director Rob Buck has been featured on Andrew Beattie's "Down to Business" video blog in it's most recent edition, episode 5 - Tech.

"The Key is to understand the customer and the industry, and what they're trying to achieve" - Robert Buck, Diamond IT.

Andrew Beattie from PKF Accounting firm in Newcastle, hosts a series of VBlogs designed for Business improvement, made simple. These VBlogs cover the pillars of good business practice including Marketing, Property, Superannuation, Banking and in this case Technology. 

In his interview with Rob Buck, they cover the subjects of cybersecurity and data privacy, automation and integration, the rapid change of IT, opportunities in moving to the cloud, and technology planning...

Rob's responses include advice and reflections such as:

"Broadly the mistake people are making is that they're not seeing how IT is doing a lot more than it used to do - it's no longer just a focus on reliability and things working".

View the video blog in full below, or visit Andrew's YouTube channel.


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Samantha Cordell

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