Samsung Galaxy Fold delayed

By Peter Lambert | April 24, 2019


Samsung have announced they are delaying the release of the revolutionary Samsung Galaxy Fold.

Diamond discussed the new phone format earlier this year in a blog about the new style of mobile phone with folding screens. 

Release events cancelled

Release events scheduled for this week in Hong Kong and Shanghai have been cancelled following highly critical reviews from technical journalists using test units supplied prior to the official device release.

Samsung's official response to this feedback says, "To fully evaluate this feedback and run further internal tests, we have decided to delay the release of the Galaxy Fold. We plan to announce the release date in the coming weeks".

Tech journalists such as Wall Street Journal's Joanna Stern tried to be positive about the new paradigm in a market segment that's crowded with very little variety, but had technical and operational issues with the new phone.

Folding screen problems

A common problem is the plastic protective layers over the new folding screen.

In regular mobiles, a hardened glass surface is used, and often protected by a temporary plastic scratch cover that's meant to be removed. In the case of the Galaxy Fold, the screen is made from multiple layers of flexible plastic and the top layer is a plastic scratch cover that should never be removed, or have another protective cover layer placed over it.

People used to opening new phones (like tech journalists) are automatically trying to remove the protective plastic cover like they do on glass-screen phones.

Effect on Australian release

The effect on the Australian release of the Galaxy Fold remains unknown at this time.

The Fold was yet to receive a release date in Australia, though dates elsewhere such as the US release date of the 26th of April indicate we weren't too far from finding out when to expect these new handsets.

Samsung has indicated it will revise its dates if necessary, and while it hasn't announced that the advertised release dates of the Fold in US and elsewhere have been set back, this is anticipated to be so.

As of the 24th of April, Samsung Australia are allowing pre-order registration.

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