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By Hannah Donnelly | October 3, 2019

2019 Diamond IT- Glendin Franklin-BrowneDiamond IT actively recruits and keeps the best IT brains in the market. Our staff are recognised industry leaders, innovators and all round impressive people who all have great stories to share.

We'd like you to meet our Technology Consulting Manager - Glendin Franklin-Browne. Glendin specialises in Cybersecurity consulting, improving internal cybersecurity, policy and staff education programs.

Find out more about Glendin, and his cybersecurity insights in our short interview below.

What is your role at Diamond IT?

I am Diamond IT's Technology Consulting Manager.

I am responsible for managing and growing the technology consultancy practice here at Diamond IT. I bring with me over 25 years’ experience in the ICT industry primarily on the customer's side. I've worked in industries such as local government, education, finance, hospitality, entertainment, not for profit, aged care, utilities, and property management all under the banner of running, enabling and driving technology best practice and innovation. My team and I have specialist skills in cyber and data breach incident forensics, cyber policy and procedures, cybersecurity training and testing of staff as well as general cybersecurity strategy development and deployment.

What is one key factor that business leaders need to know about cybersecurity?

The majority of cyberattacks are more often activated by people within your organisation. Technology can only do so much, and cyber criminals are getting so much more advanced in their approaches these days. They're using social techniques to unknowingly manipulate your staff into instigating the attacks themselves. So it's not just a technology issue. You really need to educate your staff on what to look out for and how to respond to these threats.

How can business leaders reduce the risk of a cyberattack?

Training staff is a great start and not just once but an ongoing program to ensure they stay up to date with the latest threats, what to look for and how to manage them. Training is proven to significantly reduce the likelihood of a cyber breach. It demonstrates a high level of diligence on behalf of the organisation and shows that you all care about the data your business is responsible for managing and keeping safe. It also provides staff with the tools to safely use client data and manage the threats that they are being exposed to every day.

Why are policies and procedures important in Cybersecurity?

A cybersecurity policy identifies the rules and procedures that all individuals accessing and using an organisation’s IT assets and resources must follow. So why do we need to have IT Security Policies? The goal of these network security policies is to address security threats and implement strategies to mitigate IT security vulnerabilities, as well as defining how to recover when a network intrusion occurs. In addition, the policies provide guidelines to employees on what to do and what not to do. They also define who gets access to what, and what the consequences are for not following the rules.

Where can business leaders go for support with their cybersecurity strategy?

Today, more than ever, organisations need to secure their network to protect operations, ensure the integrity of their data, and most importantly, keep their customers’ private information safe. It may sound daunting, but there are some simple 'battle tactics' that organisations can deploy in order to take the high ground on cyberattacks. 

Diamond IT's most recent eBook acts as a guide to protecting your organisation and your customers from a potential cyberthreat, including how to respond to an attack.

We can also help you ensure your technology, policy and staff education programs align with best practice. If you need advice, please give the Diamond IT team a call on 1300 307 907 or contact us via the form below.

To view Glendin's LinkedIN profile, please click here.



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