ISDN disconnection - what do you need to know?

By Samantha Cordell | March 19, 2019


From September 2019 the disconnection of ISDN services will commence around Australia, a process that will finish in 2022. Understand how this will impact your business and how you can benefit by transitioning to technologies like VoIP and SIP.

Why is ISDN being discontinued?

ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) is being discontinued as part of the National Broadband Network (NBN) roll out across Australia, as we’ve already seen happen with regular phone lines (a technology known as PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network), in favour of newer Internet Protocol (IP) based technologies.

ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) has been around since the 1970’s and has traditionally been popular with Australian businesses as a more flexible and robust alternative to regular PSTN services for voice systems.

However, its popularity has been declining with the introduction of cloud-based technologies.

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What will replace ISDN?

There are a few options available to you on what and how you replace your current ISDN service, largely dependent on what services are available to your organisation. These options vary due to factors like your location, your preferred provider and whether you choose cloud or on-premises solutions for your data and voice.

Most organisations still using ISDN use it for voice systems. ISDN voice systems are being replaced by Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), using Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). Simply put, voice calls become Internet data traffic like any other including emails, websites and video streaming.

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Does my business need to switch to the NBN?

While the NBN is responsible for the discontinuation of traditional copper-based services like PSTN and ISDN, that doesn’t mean NBN is your only option.

Depending on where your business is located, there are other services types available, such as business grade fibre that can be delivered directly into your premise.

Our team of Carrier Service Solution specialists can help you choose the right data and voice service depending on your unique requirements.

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What should I consider when changing from ISDN to VoIP?

Give yourself plenty of time to make strategic and considered choices and tackle the transition as soon as possible!

  • Internet Connectivity: Seek expert advice to select the right Internet connections for your organisation’s needs. Too much will result in wasted money, while inadequate service will very likely make your new voice system a liability to your business, when it should be an asset
  • Contract options: Being caught in a contract that doesn’t deliver for your organisation is a very real risk for businesses and non-profit organisations. This is where expert advice and experience is critical
  • Cloud vs On-premise Solution: Consider the best option for your new voice service. If a cloud-based solution suits your organisation’s needs and infrastructure, they can provide financial, scalable and organisational benefits. If your best fit is an on-premise voice system, look for an option that delivers reliability, easy management, and a feature set you need to serve your customers to your expectations
  • Cybersecurity: Finally, being Internet-based, security and privacy must be considered at every level in your new systems
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What are the benefits in changing to VoIP?

The right solution can provide some very significant advantages over your legacy ISDN system, starting with the opportunity to save money. Utilising the new technologies can also include new productivity-enhancing features to your business communications and leveraging an Enterprise platform can ensure high availability for your voice needs.


How do I start managing my ISDN service disconnection?

The vast majority of successful cyberattacks use social engineering to break through your defences. People remain the weakest link in your cybersecurity armour. 

  1. Don’t delay on seeking advice about the cut-off happening from September 2019, choose a Solution Provider that has expertise in this area and that can help you through the transition
  2. Set out a plan for your transition off ISDN with plenty of time to include complexities including new voice systems, new data connections, staff training and any other infrastructure changes that may be necessary
  3. Give your organisation plenty of time to solve any issues that may come up prior to your ISDN disconnection

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Diamond IT can help you transition from ISDN

Our Business Technology Managers and Technology Consultants are experts on transitioning ISDN-based systems to VoIP and SIP technologies. Our experience from helping many of our existing customers through this process has us equipped to recommend the best solution for your organisation.

Due to our specialisation in analysing complex carrier services plans, we have also managed to regularly find savings for customers as they make the required transition. These cost savings have been seen with both cloud and on-premises projects..

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