Meet our Software Dev expert - Geoff Moten

By Hannah Taylor | January 13, 2020

Diamond IT actively recruits and keeps the best IT brains in the Region. Our staff are recognised industry leaders, innovators and experts in their field.

We are proud to have one of the most established and capable software development teams in the market. With over 15 years of software development experience, our Team have built a strong reputation for helping customers with their digital transformation, and software development objectives.

A multidisciplinary team with a diverse skillset ensures we can provide comprehensive solutions to the most complex business problems. Our staff are highly experienced with a proven track record for delivering actionable advice and quality results.

We'd like you to meet the experts behind the service in our three part series - Geoff Moten, Lucas Mitchell, and Giang Pham.


Geoff Moten, Software Development Manager


With over 25 years as a consultant, Geoff has combined Software Development, Systems Analysis, Software Architecture, Database Design and System Administration experience with his project & people management skills for companies in Australia and North America.

His wealth of experience and passion for technology, uniquely positions him to recommend and develop the best software solutions to help businesses successfully grow.


Expertise Areas

  • Business analysis
  • Project management
  • Solution design
  • Data modelling and business intelligence
  • Database design
  • Technical consulting


Can you tell us about some of your project highlights?

There are numerous projects I hold dear. The common thread being a technical challenge and a delighted customer.

  • Migration of an organisation from Macintosh to Windows workstations in 1998. Excel macros were used to traverse the complete server file hierarchy to convert Apple file paths and names to legal Windows paths/filenames.

  • Creation of a Monte Carlo coal production simulation to establish the feasibility of using a real-time Coal analyser to sort the raw product prior to washing to minimise the tonnage required to be treated in the Preparation Plant.

  • Delivery of site-wide Fuel Management projects for Barrick Gold mines located in Nevada, Montana and Ontario.

  • Achieving tangible business improvement for Pacific Smiles using Dynamics 365 to digitise Practitioner management processes and document generation.


Why did you join the IT field?

The rise of microcomputers in the mid-1980’s was a magic time for anyone with a thirst for knowledge. When the realisation hits that with a few lines of code you can make a machine do what you say, the only limitation is your imagination. My career is technology and IT because my passion is technology and IT.


How can our team help?

Our software development team excel in harnessing your data into a usable form, and distributing it via systems like Power BI, PowerApps and Flow to the people who need it. 

Keep visiting our blog for more about the Power Platform along with related technologies such as Dynamics 365 and more.


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