Microsoft Technology for Social Impact Program for NFP's

By Samantha Cordell | March 25, 2024

Technology for Social ImpactThe Microsoft Technology for Social Impact program is a pivotal initiative by Microsoft, aimed at empowering not for profit organisations through technology. This program is part of Microsoft Philanthropies and is designed to make cutting-edge technology accessible and affordable for not for profits (NFPs), enabling them to amplify their social impact and achieve their missions more effectively.


Why Not For Profits Should Care about Microsoft Technology for Social Impact:

NFPs operate in a sector where resources are often limited, but the demands are high. The Microsoft Technology for Social Impact (TSI) program addresses this gap by providing:

  • Cloud-First Grants: NFPs have access to cloud-based tools and technologies that can transform their operations, ensuring greater flexibility, efficiency, and security. TSI combines Microsoft grants with not for profit commercial engagement in a single team to accelerate impact through technology, to deliver solutions to empower social breakthroughs, and help accelerate Microsoft’s philanthropic efforts.
  • Reinvestment: TSI not only provides technology grants, but it also reinvests any profits made from discounted sales to larger charities back into the sector to help smaller ones via an amazing social investment model.
  • Comprehensive Solutions: The program offers a suite of Microsoft cloud solutions, including Microsoft 365 Business Premium, Power Platform, Dynamics 365, and Azure services.
  • Free Licences: TSI gives free software to those NFPs with 10 or fewer employees, which make up 80% of the world’s 4 million NFP organisations.
  • Customisation to Industry: TSI helps NFPs modify Microsoft software to meet their specific needs — such as fundraising and mobilising volunteers - in part by connecting with the company’s global partner ecosystem.
  • Free digital skills training: Over 30 million learners last year were reached as part of Microsoft's global skills initiative.



Impact of the TSI Program:

The impact of the TSI program is far-reaching:

  • Global Reach: It supports organisations of all sizes across the globe, ensuring that even small organisations can benefit from the technology.
  • Social Good Acceleration: The program helps accelerate their mission, whether it’s providing humanitarian aid, education, or healthcare services.
  • Sustainable Model: Profits from the program are reinvested into expanding support for organisations, creating a sustainable cycle of social investment.

The Microsoft Technology for Social Impact program is a testament to Microsoft’s commitment to leveraging technology for the greater good. It provides NFPs with the tools they need to operate more effectively and securely, ultimately enabling them to make a more significant impact on the communities they serve. Organisations looking to drive digital transformation and enhance their capabilities should consider this program as a valuable resource in their efforts to tackle the world’s biggest challenges.


How can our team help you get the most from Microsoft 365?

With over 20 years of experience supporting the not for profit sector, we are committed to helping organisations increase efficiency and reduce costs. We assist in ensuring your technology strategy is aligned with your organisation’s goals, helping you achieve your mission whilst providing the high standard of care your consumers deserve.

Our team are on hand to answer any questions you may have about how Microsoft 365 can improve your organisation, particularly Copilot for Microsoft 365 and help you better serve your community

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