7 Great Productivity Add-ons for Office 365

By Jodie Dale | July 4, 2018

Office 365

Microsoft’s cloud-based Office 365 has successfully made day-to-day business operations more efficient with popular apps like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, and Outlook. What’s more, Office 365 also offers productivity-boosting add-ons that streamline users’ workflow.

Make sure you are across the Top 7 Productivity Add-ons that will help your business be more productive...

1. StaffHub

Easily keep track of your employees’ work hours, allow employees to swap shifts, and make changes where appropriate with Microsoft’s StaffHub app. What’s more, employees can also communicate with team members through its internal community spaces, check out new company updates, and add important internal resources like employee handbooks or training manuals through the app.

The app is available on any mobile device, making it a very convenient tool for employees who need to manage their schedule and stay up to date. StaffHub is included in the Office 365 F1 (Firstline Workforce) plan, Office 365 Business Premium and Office 365 Enterprise plans.

2. Office Tabs

Office Tabs is a third-part add-on to Office 2003-2016 and Office 365 that allows you to open multiple files in one window. This saves you time when switching between multiple open documents. You can Close All, Save All or close everything but the current document in a single click. You can also directly rename files by clicking Rename, instead of using Save As, then changing the document name.

3. Grammarly

The last thing you want to send to your clients is a confusing, poorly written email or document. Grammarly solves this by checking your text for grammar, spelling, and plagiarism. It then provides vocabulary suggestions and recommends writing style changes to polish your writing. This add-on is available free for Word and Outlook, with its Premium services priced at US$11.66 per month (annual plan).

4. Pexels

Professional documents and presentations require high-resolution, blemish-free images, and Pexels helps you find them easily. Its free stock images are licensed under a Creative Commons Zero, meaning you can search for high-quality images and use them in all your documents for any legal purpose.

5. DocuSign

DocuSign for Outlook and Word lets you and/or the recipient securely sign a document electronically and return it through email, save it in the app, or store it in your company’s server. DocuSign complies with eSignature legal standards and uses the strongest data encryption technologies available. For Dynamics 365 users, DocuSign is also supported by the XperiDo document creation platform, enabling dispatch of quotes and proposals directly from within Dynamics with a single click.

6. FindTime

Setting up a meeting time is tedious and difficult, especially if your employees have different schedules. Microsoft’s FindTime addon for Outlook automatically scans each attendee’s calendar to locate open slots and offer potential meeting times that everyone can vote on. A meeting will then be scheduled according to whichever slot gets the highest vote within a specified amount of time.

7. Translator

Businesses that deal with foreign companies will find communication much easier with Microsoft Translator. This web application and companion mobile app recognizes and translates more than 50 different languages, including English, French, Spanish, and Chinese. Translation of text or voice happens in real-time, so now you will spend less time interpreting foreign-language documents, and be able to work smoothly with clients from around the world.

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