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By Peter Lambert | July 23, 2019

1907_powerbi_financial_i1054713456Accountants and financial advisers rely on data and observations to produce strategies and stop problems in a timely and efficient manner. Microsoft's Power BI product plugs into existing data and create reports and from there customised dashboards.

Dashboards are a visual collection of reports, curated to meet operational, strategic or analytical needs of the viewers. To be effective they are customised to reflect the data needed by the viewer, such as KPIs, trends or raw financial figures.

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Top 6 key benefits for using Power BI.

Impress your audience

Microsoft Power BI is a tool that is entirely built around displaying data in a way that is easily understood and engaging.

The ability of Power BI to react dynamically on dashboards gives the presenter the best tools to provide the data the audience desires on demand.

The capability of Power BI’s reports and dashboards to be customised for specific needs means you get a finished product that’s not only useful but visually and contextually impressive.

Monitor KPIs

The issue with data is that if you have too little or too much, it’s hard to make sense of it and from there make good decisions.

By using Power BI large amounts of data can be filtered down into reports and dashboards that display KPIs in a compact and easily-digestible form. Reports can be specific to departments or operational areas making them accessible and useful for comparing key data over time.

Make better decisions

It’s a universal truth that good decisions require good data.

Dashboards that meet your needs deliver robust and timely analysis so that decisions are made from the best possible information.

Reveal trends through product and revenue analysis

Spot trends and issues quickly through interactive representations of your data more easily with Power BI.

Fine tune your reports and dashboards into indispensable tools by engaging a Software Developer specialising in Power BI like Diamond IT.

Save time with Power BI

Your data model is the foundation of Power BI analytics. Once it has been developed, you can then experiment with visualisations, enable automatic data refresh, schedule email snapshots of reports, control access using Office 365 security, or check your dashboards from your phone or tablet.

Power BI includes inexpensive add-ons such as PowerBI Tiles, allowing you to embed live dashboards in Office documents.

Love your Excel spreadsheets, but do more

Excel has been the go-to tool for data analysis since the 1980's. It is a highly refined and reliable tool, but is restricted in its data visualisation capabilities.

Power BI is a cloud-connected reporting tool that shares the same formidable data transformation engine, but adds powerful data visualisation and AI integration capabilities to present complex business data in a highly accessible way.

Both tools work hand-in-hand to help every business explore and understand their data in new ways.

We make Power BI happen

Our software development team are Power BI specialists. Our developers will work with you to form a solid understanding of your goals and requirements, in order to provide you with the tools you need to enjoy the benefits that the improved reporting and dashboards of Power BI can provide.

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