Power up your Microsoft Teams experience

By Hannah Donnelly | September 10, 2020

Power up your Microsoft Teams experience

Collaboration and productivity considerations are currently at the forefront of everyone's mind, as organisations continue to search for technology solutions that can support their workforce to work remotely, from their homes, the office, on the go or any combination of the three. 

By now, most business leaders who were jolted into developing a hybrid workforce strategy due to COVID-19 would have heard about the collaboration tool, Microsoft (MS) Teams.

For those who haven't, MS Teams is a popular collaboration application, where employees can securely communicate, share business data and collaborate on documents, and meet online. As Microsoft puts it, MS Teams simply facilitates great teamwork, with the goal of increasing workplace productivity on a global scale.

One of the many business benefits MS Teams offers organisations is its large range of software and application partners. These software partners provide a multitude of integrations to enhance capability while using Teams. One such provider is Powell Software, which operates seamlessly within your MS Teams environment, powering up your employee experience.


Here's a closer look at how your organisation can utilise Powell Software to power up your MS Teams experience.


1. Increase productivity and engagement

One of the key Powell Software offerings is Powell Teams - an adoption and governance app that increases productivity and engagement within organisations.

Powell Teams gives organisations the ability to not only control growth within Teams, thanks to customised templates and structured models that personalise the Teams experience, but also benefit from engaging employee dashboards with high collaboration features.

With this all-in-one Powell Hub application, your employees can securely access their business apps, work documents and business data in one click. All business, public and personal applications are organised and displayed in this personal productivity dashboard to help employees stay concentrated, save time and easily manage all their tasks from one place.


2. Manage the governance of your business data

The Powell Teams application allows organisations to take control of governance to ensure everyone can collaborate in an efficient way

Just like other areas of Office 365, Microsoft Teams is designed to allow all users to create and manage their own Teams. As many organisations have discovered, however, this comes at a price if governance is not considered in advance.

Powell's governance allows organisations to create Teams with customisable templates that include predefined settings, channels, tabs and tags. Management can now put in place a comprehensive governance plan via a powerful administration control panel which features preset governance rules and template management.


3. Design your Office 365 intranet the way you want

Powell 365 is an innovative intranet portal which thinks outside of the box to support organisations to optimise their MS Teams experience.

Successful intranet portals have been proven to promote engagement as a multi-directional communication tool that allows you to collect feedback from employees and acts as a platform for individuals to interact with each other.

The Powell 365 App gives organisations the power to pick and choose collaboration tools which are in line with their employee's needs, such as dashboards, directories, knowledge centres, event hubs,  and social communities. All of which connect with and enhance your current MS Teams environment.


What is Powell Software?

Powell Software offers a comprehensive suite of digital workplace products, focused on driving day to day employee operations. In an increasingly digital world, forcing employees to use outdated communication platforms is not an option. Powell Software offers a solution that instead can be completely customised to support them, wherever they are working.


How Diamond IT can help

Diamond IT specialises in MS Teams implementation, MS Teams training, and intranet development. We are proud partners of, and believe that Powell Software offers high quality products that support our clients in accelerating their MS Teams experience.

Whether your goal is to run a simple installation of Teams or a fully-integrated version with partner applications, our Technology Consulting team is available to make your MS Teams implementation and staff training program a success.


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