Potential Updates to the Privacy Act and How This Will Impact SMB's

By Gavin Hall | October 27, 2023


We recently had an article published in Hunter Headline outlining key points SMB's need to consider if the suggested 116 proposed changes, or even just the agreed and already committed to 38 proposals for reform, go through as updates to the current Privacy Act. 

Here is an excerpt with the link to the full article for more information... 

The Privacy Act is Changing

As the landscape of Privacy Law undergoes significant changes, it's crucial for businesses to stay ahead of the curve. With impending reforms likely impacting small businesses, including the potential removal of the small business threshold exemption and mandatory reporting obligations, proactive compliance is paramount. 

Now is the time to think about the impact of the predicted changes

Whilst there are several proposed changes that will require industry engagement, small to medium businesses should prioritise understanding and staying informed about these updates and the mandatory reporting rules.

Key Points SMB's Need To Consider 

  1. Removal of Small Business Threshold Exemption
  2. Consent Changes
  3. 72-Hour Mandatory Reporting
  4. Expanded Information Types
  5. Privacy Impact Assessment

To read the full article, visit Hunter Headline.

How Can Diamond IT Help?

Diamond IT can provide Business and Technology Consulting services to facilitate Privacy Impact Assessment's (PIA's) to aid your business toward validating their current state, identifying current risks, and allowing for an easier transition to the changes when they do come into affect. This process will also help inform decision makers and budget processes for any investments required across people, process or technology in the short to mid term.

Diamond IT Managed Services Agreement

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