Australia To Become The Most Cyber Secure Country By 2030

By Gavin Hall | September 4, 2023

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In an era where digital innovation and connectivity reign, the safeguarding of our virtual spaces has emerged as a paramount global concern. Australia, in a bid to become the world's most Cyber Secure Country by 2030, has embarked on a journey of strategic reformation. At a recent event (Fortinet ANZ Fast & Secure 2023) hosted by the leading Cyber Security Solutions and Services provider 'Fortinet' the following five areas of Cyber Security focus, to reach this vision, were presented, with the end game being attainment of this title and the understanding of potential implications these strategies have on our digital landscape.

Strengthening National Security

In the quest for superior security, our government is taking a strategic approach to make our digital world safer. The Fortinet event reported that they're focusing on expanding the Security of Critical Infrastructure (SOCI), which directly affects IT Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and our role in providing the right services to our customers.

To make the response to cyber threats more efficient, a new national framework is being created. It'll connect the dots between different processes like Australian Signals Directorate (ASD), Privacy, the Notifiable Data Breach Scheme, and more.

This strategy isn't just about domestic and defence needs; it also prioritises intelligence. It's all about tackling global challenges, forming partnerships, and seizing opportunities.

According to a recent report from Fortinet, the government is investing a huge $9.9 billion over the next decade to show how serious they are about this initiative.

Peering into the Threat Landscape

A common view across industry stakeholders is that Australia is facing cyber warfare, now.

The Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) has a crucial role in gathering, analysing, and sharing information about cyber threats. In the cyber world, attackers have different reasons, like making money, spying, causing chaos, or disrupting important systems.

While ransomware grabs headlines, it's crucial to pay attention to the growing but less noisy espionage activities as reported and detailed on in Fortinet's downloadable 2023 Cyber Threat Landscape report.

Interestingly, from a national Cyber Threat perspective, the US and Australia openly admit to having strong cyber abilities, but many other countries probably have similar skills and are yet to be vocal fearing attention being drawn by cyber criminals. 

The Challenges of Securing Operational Technology (OT)

Operational Technology (OT) is everywhere, running things like traffic lights and water pumps. But as it's integrated into our lives, it also exposes vulnerabilities in our critical systems, putting public safety at risk.

Outdated OT systems make the problem worse. They can't get essential updates, making them easy targets for cyber threats. Fixing this issue is a big job. It takes a lot of resources and means systems will be down for a while as they get modernised or replaced.

For example, The National Tribune reported cyber attack on JBS, a meatpacking company. The attackers used weak OT security and caused 47 facilities in Australia to temporarily close. They demanded a ransom of $14.2 million!

Cyber criminals are increasingly using weak OT security to launch bigger attacks on whole organisations. These increasing  incidents show that cyber attacks are becoming a lot like traditional warfare tactics. It's changing how we think about security in our digital age.

Boosting Cyber Security: A Real World Example

At the Fortinet ANZ Fast & Secure 2023 event, we also heard some leading examples on how technology is changing things in real-life situations. Take Hungry Jacks, for example. They've transformed with self-serve kiosks and cloud-based systems. This shift is making customer interactions better and business operations smoother.

In uncertain times, cloud technology has become essential. It helps businesses like Hungry Jacks keep running smoothly even when things get tricky by ensuring real time access to data, customer friendly useability and increased efficiencies across a large geographical area with increasing data quantities.

But as more organisations switch to the cloud, they face new security challenges. They need smart plans to protect their data and operations, like that of Backup and Archive, Endpoint and Application Management and Advanced Threat Management, to name a few. The event reminded us that digital transformation is complex, and strong cyber security is a must in this fast-changing world.

Charting a Safe Course in the Cloud

The Fortinet ANZ Fast & Secure 2023 event shared some eye-opening cyber security ideas and stats. These can be attained through downloading their 2023 Cyber Threat Landscape Report.

Cloud technology is booming, making up 10% of IT changes worldwide. Buyers who use Line of Business Applications have a big say in tech choices, shaking up the IT world.

The event also pointed out how Millennials and Gen Z are driving tech purchases, wanting things to be easy and digital.

But there are challenges. Only 2% of customers have fully protected their cloud content with encryption causes those people working in cyber security to deal with a lot of stress that can affect their mental and emotional well-being.

The event busted some myths, too. More data and tech don't always mean better protection. It's all about quality. And the idea of chasing the "next big thing" in cyber security was debunked. Instead, the focus is on smart strategies that cover all aspects of security.

Building Strong Cyber Security With Managed Security Service Providers

When partnering with Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs), the first step is for us to truly understand our customers' most significant challenges. This deep understanding lays the foundation for a successful collaboration.

As MSSPs, we take a flexible approach, tailoring a range of solutions to meet the diverse and unique needs of our customers. Our commitment to continuous improvement is at the core of this partnership, creating an environment that thrives on growth and adaptability.

In this dynamic environment, we recognise the significance of the Essential Eight principles. They guide us, in focusing on crucial security areas and conducting regular check-ins to protect against ever-evolving digital threats.

The government has set an ambitious goal to become the world's leading Cyber Secure Country by 2030. Their dedication to digital progress is evident through a strategic government plan, a keen awareness of threats, insights into operational technology, and a strong grasp of cloud security.

The insights gained from the Fortinet ANZ Fast & Secure 2023 event provided us, as Diamond IT, with valuable guidance as we support Australian organisations in their journey to address complex digital challenges and enhance cyber resilience, contributing to this overarching national goal.

How Can Diamond IT Help?

The Diamond IT team specialise in reviewing cyber security strategies to ensure they are fit-for-purpose, align with government recommendations, and include the necessary defences required to best protect your business from malicious threats. We can support you through establishing your Essential Eight maturity level and improve your overall cyber security posture.

Our dedicated team of Business Technology Managers (BTMs) and Business Technology Consultants (BTCs) are specialists in guiding you in selecting the perfect security solutions for your distinct business needs.

Contact our team today on 1300 307 907, and let us discuss how Diamond IT can assist you to succeed.


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