Why You Need Next Generation Threat Detection

By Glendin Franklin-Browne | February 15, 2021

Next generation threat detection

The last few years have seen some of the largest cyber security attacks in history. As heavily reported in the media in recent times, the Solarwinds, Canva and OneClass breaches alone have resulted in millions of user account details being exposed, and government and US military data stolen.

The scale and sophistication of these attacks have left large enterprises hurting from the associated financial and reputational damage, and it's important to note that cyber security attacks pose a very real threat to any organisation, regardless of size.

What modern security solutions does your organisation have in place to protect your operations, your employees, and most importantly, your data safe from cyber threats? Is it time to review your outdated cyber security practices?

Let's take a look at what next generation threat detection solutions are, and why your organisation needs them.


What is next generation threat detection?

Next generation or "next-gen" threat detection is a term used to reference modern security solutions with the capability of effectively detecting and preventing advanced cyber threats.

Previously, Anti Virus was the solution of choice to protect from cyber threats. Unfortunately, cyber criminals have now 'cracked the code' of Anti-Virus - which is only capable of detecting known threats.

Next-gen threat detection uses real time predictive methods which harness the power of artificial intelligence, behavioural analysis and machine learning to detect both current and emerging threats.

Also referred to as Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), next-gen threat detection offers an automated and 'always on' approach to monitoring systems in real time, protecting your organisation from 'Zero-Day' attacks and malicious activities.


How does Endpoint Detection and Response work?

Centered on endpoint detection, EDR works by continually monitoring network events on end user devices through behaviour analytics. These events are recorded to a database, where EDR further analyses and investigates the data to either associate with past events, or look for similar threats.

If a threat is identified, EDR then notifies not only the end user but those users associated with the management console, creating detailed logs regarding the attack. Managed EDR can respond to threats in real time, regardless of whether the user in on or offline. 


Why your organisation needs next generation threat detection

Next-gen threat detection solutions such as EDR protect your organisation by:

  • Telling the full story: Unlike traditional Anti-Virus, EDR can help provide more context behind an attack, logging how the threat entered the machine and attempted to execute so that you can tailor your response.
  • Protecting from the unknown: Unlike tools that only monitor for known threats, EDR can help you detect suspicious activities that may indicate an unknown threat type.
  • Providing real time response: EDR delivers real-time visibility into your endpoints to help you quickly identify malicious activity.
  • Ensuring every second counts: EDR can help you accelerate your investigation so that you can limit the damage a breach does to your business.
  • Combatting Ransomware: EDR combats Ransomware with the ability to roll back devices to their pre-infected state, offering peace of mind with detailed threat summaries, forensics, real-time alerts and more.


How Diamond IT support the security of your organisation?

Diamond IT's Managed EDR Solution detects and prevents both current and emerging threats, providing business leaders peace of mind with detailed threat summaries, forensics, real-time alerts and more.

Our online Cybersecurity Staff Awareness Training and Cybersecurity Healthcheck can have an immediate impact on the strength of your security. 

Our Business Technology Managers (BTMs)  and Technology Consulting team are specialists in improving your internal cybersecurity and are ready to speak with you. Contact our team on 1300 307 907 today.


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