Voice services for the new norm - the time to update is now

By Hannah Donnelly | May 15, 2020

Time to update your voice infrastructure

Have you been unable to reach an organisation via phone during COVID-19?

Similarly, were you able to reach a business, only to be told that the person you wished to speak with would have to return your call as they were unable to transfer remotely? Then you’re not alone.

Outdated Voice Capabilities

Unfortunately, when the Federal Government issued advice that all non-essential workers should be working from home where possible earlier this year,  many organisations were quick to realise that their voice services were not capable of efficiently supporting a remote workforce. 

Enabling a remote workforce has created many challenges for Australian organisations, with business continuity plans being put to the test as the concept of 'business as usual' was flipped on its head. Surprisingly, in the haste of setting up employees to work from home, many organisations have inadvertently neglected the establishment of reliable communication lines with existing and new customers from their COVID-19 survival strategies.

Sadly, outdated voice services have bought many organisations to their knees, with no way of effectively receiving incoming calls, and transferring them within their teams. In an already tense consumer environment, poor voice functionality has created unnecessary friction in customer relationships and sales processes.

Receiving and transferring incoming calls to any location should be one of the most basic functions your voice service caters to. But what about the other innovative voice solution functionalities that your business could be missing out on?


Is your voice service really supporting your business?

If you haven't updated your voice service within the last 5 years, now is the time to ask these questions of its functionality.

  1. Can your employees receive incoming calls from any location, and transfer within your team as required?
  2. Do you have visibility of the availability of your employees?
  3. Does your voice service offer any additional functionalities, such as the ability to instant message and video conference?
  4. Can your voice service easily scale and adjust settings such as call diversions, without heavily relying on third parties for administration style changes?
  5. Can you easily report on and monitor the productivity and volume of incoming and outgoing calls from your business?

If your receptionist has been taking numbers and having staff return calls from their business (or worse, personal) mobiles, there has never been a more pressing time to upgrade your voice service.


The power of cloud-based voice solutions

Cloud-based voice solutions enable businesses of all sizes to manage their communications services in an agile, secure and cost-effective way. Cloud Voice replaces the need to have a traditional PBX (voice server) located at your premises, instead,  allowing data lines over the internet to be used to make and receive calls. This allows your employees to work from anywhere via the internet, whether you are in the office, at home or on the go.

Diamond Cloud (DCloud) Voice is a flexible unified cloud communications solution that connects your remote workforce to each other and to your customers from an IP desk phone, mobile device, PC or laptop. With a range of innovative features, this modern and secure environment gives you peace of mind that the lines of communication with your customers remain open, with additional benefits included for your organisation.

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What are the benefits of upgrading to DCloud Voice?

Work productively and securely from any location

  • Answer calls made to your office from your mobile device or softphone client, with the capability of seamlessly transferring to colleagues as required.
  • Allow staff to communicate via instant messaging without having to reply on 3rd party internet messaging systems or give out personal phone numbers.

Improve Customer Experience

  • Remove friction from your buyers journey by connecting your customer’s directly to your staff without going through an operator or reception with auto-attendant, including self-service capability and general messaging.
  • Customise call holding, forwarding or transferring, call park and more, to ensure a great customer experience.

Gain New Data insights

  • Monitor and report on incoming calls and outgoing calls, and call frequency.
  • Generate company wide user activity reports to analyse sales and productivity levels while working remotely.
  • Create quality of service reports

Focus on your core business activities

  • Free up the time of your admin support staff, IT team, and management by automating repetitive and time consuming voice system tasks and processes.
  • With DCloud Voice, control administrative changes such as call redirections through access to the 'back end' of your system with no IT background required. 

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Times of uncertainty call for agile organisations, and fast, yet careful considered and effective decisions regarding voice solutions.

With over 10 years’ experience in the telecommunications space, serving our extensive customer base and working with leading Carriers, Diamond’s vast knowledge of business communications requirements and the changing landscape is second to none.

To support your remote workforce with our DCloud Voice Solution, contact our team today.


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